Bovin Winery・DARON 2016



Introducing Bovin Winery’s Daron, a very popular Vranec/Cabernet/Merlot Blended wine from the heart of the Tikves region of Macedonia.

Vivino Rating: 4.1/5

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製品名/Wine Name: ダロン 2016 /
Daron 2016
産地/Location: Lepovo Hills
栽培エリア/Appellation: Povardarie – Vardar River Valley / Tikves
ブドウ品種 /Grape-variety %: ヴラネッツ 34%,
カベルネ 33%,
Vranec 34%,
Cabernet Sauvignon 33%,
Merlot 33%
栽培標高 (m)/Altitude (m): 312 – 400m
1haあたりに葡萄茎数/Plants per hectare: 5500
植栽年月日/Year of planting: 2004
生産初年度/First year of production: 2007
ビンテージ/Vintage: 2016
Wine Analysis:
アルコール度数/Alcohol (vol. %): 13.90%
残糖量 (g/L)/Residual Sugar (g/L): 1
滴定酸度 (mg/L)/Titratable Acidity, Tartaric (mg/L): 5.8
分析年月日/Date of Analysis: 2017/06/12
醸造法/Vinification: Classic Vinification, traditional method in inox / stainless steel tanks with manual, hand depressing of grains.
熟成/Aging method: Macedonian Oak 6 months
老齢化/Aging potential: 2-10年/ Best consumed between 2-10 years.
ワインの解説/Description: マケドニア神話で癒しの神という名のダロン、 欧州では数々の大賞に輝いている銘品です。 ヴラネッツを代表するメルローとカベルネの バランスが実に巧みで、滑らかな飲み心地と 極上の余韻を約束してくれます。ボビン拘り のマケドニアオーク樽で6ヶ月間寝かせ、独 特の風味と、繊細で心地良い香りも自慢です。
DARON SUPERIOR WINE is a mixture of selected grapes from the wine sorts Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Vranec from the sunny slopes of Lepovo Hills. Intensive red color that reaches purple with age. The scent reminds of dark and red barriers and spice. The flavor is elegant, full, rounded, soft, and long-lasting thanks to the great content of nanoproteins and soft, noble tannins. It should be consumed with veal or pork roast, smoked ham, strong cheese, at a temperature of 15-17 °C.



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