Elegija SYRAH


An excellent combination of our delicate and aromatic Vranec, rich and long-lasting Cabernet Sauvignon and full bodied Merlot. It develops our Ar-Magedon and SYNTHESIS wines that occupy all your senses with their harmony and unforgettable character. Aged in domestic oak barrels for 18 and 12 months respectively, they become a pure source of raw pleasure. Colored dark-red to purple, supported with a strong, but soft tannin structure, these wines are crafted to last for decades. They combine perfectly with all kinds of grilled vegetables and meat.

商品コード: エリクサー・シラー 商品カテゴリー: , ,


商品名: エリクサー・シラー
容量: 750ml
タイプ: ロゼワイン
ボディ: フルボディ
原産国: マケドニア
葡萄収穫年: 2017年
地方: ストルミツァ
おすすめ温度: 12℃-14℃
葡萄品種: ブラネック



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