Chateau Kamnik・Montepulciano 2017




This estate bottled dry red wine with a controlled and guaranteed origin is made from 95% of Montepulciano grapes and 5% of Vranec. The method of crop reduction is applied. This wine is defined by a deep ruby red color. The nose is intense, with aromas of ripe blackberries and wild cherries. The taste is full-bodied and remarkable, with combined tastes of cappuccino and tobacco complemented with fine strings of smoke, finishing with a jammy aftertaste. The harmonic acids and the soft velvety tannins provide this wine with a several-year aging capacity.

Combine this wine with red meat specialties, foie gras with onion jam, or with selected strong cheeses.

Recommended serving temperature: 16-17°C

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商品コード: モンテプルチアーノ 2017 カテゴリー: , , ,


商品名: モンテプルチアーノ
容量: 750ml
タイプ: 赤ワイン
ボディ: ミディアム/フルボディ
原産国: マケドニア
葡萄収穫年: 2017年
アルコール分: 14.0%
地方: スコピエ
おすすめ温度: 16℃-17℃
葡萄品種: 95%モンテプルチアーノ、5%ブラネック



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