Bovin Winery・SANGIOVESE 2016



Introducing Bovin Winery’s Sangiovese.

Vivino Rating: 4.0/5

商品コード: サンジョベーゼ カテゴリー: , ,



製品名/Wine Name: サンジョヴェーゼ 2016 /
Sangiovese 2016
産地/Location: Lepovo Hills
栽培エリア/Appellation: Povardarie – Vardar River Valley / Tikves
ブドウ品種 /Grape-variety %: サンジョヴェーゼ 100% /
Sangiovese 100 %
栽培標高 (m)/Altitude (m): 350 – 400m
1haあたりに葡萄茎数/Plants per hectare: 5500
植栽年月日/Year of planting: 2004
生産初年度/First year of production: 2009
ビンテージ/Vintage: 2016
収穫日/Harvest date: 10 September, 2016
収穫方法/Harvesting method: Hand harvesting
瓶詰日/Bottling date: 2017/3/1
製造本数/Bottles produced: 5,000
内容量/Bottle Size: 750ml
JANコード/JAN Code: 5310224000089
Wine Analysis:
アルコール度数/Alcohol (vol. %): 14%
残糖量 (g/L)/Residual Sugar (g/L): 1.0
滴定酸度 (mg/L)/Titratable Acidity, Tartaric (mg/L): 7.4
分析年月日/Date of Analysis: 2017/5/17
醸造法/Vinification: Classic Vinification, traditional method in inox / stainless steel tanks with manual, hand depressing of grains.
熟成/Aging method: N/A
老齢化/Aging potential: Excellent ageing potential, due to high alcohol percentage, best consumed from 3 – 6 years.
ワインの解説/Description: 豊かな日射しが注ぐボビンのレポボヒルズ で栽培されるサンジョヴェーゼは、ベリー、 プルーンやスパイスを想わせる華やかな香り  と透明感のある赤紫色が鮮やかです。酸味や タンニンも程良く、バランスに優れています。 品質を保つために収穫量や生産数を5千本に 限定、拘りの詰まった希少価値のある1本!

Produced from Sangiovese grapes of its own vineyards, Bovin Sangiovese is a elegant wine with distinctive ruby red color with high reflection. The nose is fresh and fruity with dominating notes of pomegranate, wild strawberry and cherry, and a hint of herbal thyme spice. The palate starts fresh with high natural acidity typical for the grape type, but towards the middle there are richer sweeter flavors giving a fleshier feel. It is best when served, very cold! 6 – 9 ⁰C with tomato-based food, pizza, lasagna, parmesan and mozzarella cheese, pasta, or chicken.



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