2012年のテンバレルス シラー が世界大会「Syrah du Monde」で金賞受賞。

This estate bottled Syrah wine is marked with a touch of excellence resulting from the double crop reduction, which leads to a partial dehydration of the grapes on the vines, but also from the presence of 4% of Vranec grapes. These steps enable obtaining a phonologically ripe wine with an intense ruby red color, high extract, and high aging capacity. The bouquet is abundant in red and dark berries. The complexity of this wine comes from the 12-month aging in new American and French oak barrels that enable obtaining discreet spicy tones of clover, complemented with aromas of dark chocolate and vanilla. The taste is elegant and full-bodied, with excellent structure, soft velvety tannins and nicely integrated oak aromas with a long aftertaste.

Recommended serving temperature: 14-16°С.

Pairing: with meat specialties, especially with game in piquant sauces.

商品コード: テンバレルス シラー 2016 商品カテゴリー: , , ,


商品名: テンバレルス シラー 2016
容量: 750ml
タイプ: 赤ワイン
ボディ: フルボディ
原産国: マケドニア
葡萄収穫年: 2016年
アルコール分: 15.0%
地方: スコピエ
おすすめ温度: 14℃-16℃
葡萄品種: 95%シラー、5%ブラネック



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